After starting the year with online classes, our students returned to hands-on learning to gain some practical skills with the workshop Low Technology Construction taught by our professor Emilio Hormías.

In this course, which focuses on low-tech architecture in development, students learn about appropriate, low-tech construction and building materials, their application in various contexts and lessons learned from projects by USF (Universidad Sin Fronteras – University Without Borders). Some of the topics taught in the course include the constructive logic of lightweight and heavy materials as well as typologies for these materials. Furthermore, students discover how to build with low-cost materials and the social processes required for local knowledge transfer.

If you want to find out more about low technology construction, check out this bibliography our professors have compiled for our students.

Additional resources (not in English):

Images: Courtesy of Fizza, Marije, Matilde and Rana from our class of 2020/2021

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