Tools4Dev, a Creative Commons platform for international development

An effective methodology is a key element for the success of a project of cooperation, especially if it is developed by a team working together. With this premise, Piroska Bisits Bullen, a public health specialist and Tim Brack, a marketing communications and strategy advisor, decided to launch Tools4Dev, a platform that provides resources, reviews and how-to guides for international development.

When used correctly, simple tools for planning a program, monitoring its implementation and measuring the results can save time and improve the quality of the outcomes: the Tools4Dev website helps people find those useful tools already available and explain how to use them. It also offers guidelines with practical tips and tricks on common tasks, and templates created by the team released under a Creative Commons license which means that the documents can be shared and edited, including for commercial purposes.

The information is listed as Resources so documents can be find easily; Skills, depending on what you are looking for: Strategic Planning & Policy, Program Design, Fundraising, etc. and Topics like Environment, Child & Youth, etc. and finally the blog treats about more general topics.

Photo by Dai Fujihara

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