If you are looking for higher studies and have a passion for architecture that matches your passion for making a difference, our masters program may be the one for you. The Master of International Cooperation Sustainable Emergency Architecture is a unique degree that prepares architects to develop and rebuild communities affected by poverty, conflict and natural disasters.

The official course forms part of the prestigious Erasmus Mundus European Cooperation Program and is located in Barcelona at the ESARQ-UIC (Escola Técnica Superior de Arquitectura-International University of Catalonia). Past and current professors include names such as Simon Vélez, Reena Tiwari, Marie Aquilino, Martijn Shildkamp, Sergio Palleroni, Sandra Bestraten, Jacqueline Polvora, Norio Maki, Cameron Sinclair and Nathaniel Corum (Architecture for Humanity), and representatives of institutions and NGO’s like UN Habitat and Doctors Without Borders, with whom students often embark on real-life projects in workshops, field trips and internships during the course.

Students also get the chance to communicate their experiences and build an online portfolio of their work through the student blog, which forms part of the master’s website and blog that regularly posts news about stories, events, projects and initiatives related to sustainable emergency architecture happening around the world.

The course runs from October 2010 to July 2012 , contains a total of 60 ECTS credits and is taught in English. You can visit the university website or the master’s website for more information about the course, syllabus and application procedures.

To apply online, click here! We hope to see you soon!

Photo: Collage of images taken by our current students on their recent field trip to Brazil with Architecture for Humanity

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