This is our second year as an official master’s degree: International Cooperation Sustainable Emergency Architecture, an English-language program based in Barcelona at the ESARQ-UIC School of Architecture and part of the Erasmus Mundus European Program.

Though you can visit the official page of the program at the university website, we’ve launched this new blog as a more spontaneous, interactive and multipurpose space where in addition to providing all the course-related information, we aim to take the pulse of sustainable emergency architecture around the world. As we prepare architects to develop and rebuild communities affected by poverty, conflict and natural disasters, we will share their progress and at the same time, post news about other programs, architects, organizations, individuals and initiatives that are playing a vital role in improving life through the practice of architecture.

Bookmark our blog or subscribe to our feed to stay tuned for news of school lectures, student projects, special events, and related news about building and designing for good. For more information about our program or to apply, head over to our homepage and browse through our sections. We hope to hear from you!

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