Our alumni interviews have been a popular part of our weekly blog for a long time, so we decided to start a new series of conversations with our professors and collaborators.

Our professors are a group of renowned international researchers and practitioners and come from a range of disciplines and specialisations, including political ecology, environmental justice, gender and equity, urban resilience and climate change adaptation, thus providing students an interdisciplinary understanding of the humanitarian sector.

Photo: Prachi Metawala @place_displaced

Over the past months, we talked to Gonzalo Lizarralde about the alignment of environmental issues and social justice, and to Kathrin Golda-Pongratz about current housing and construction processes and their impact on society, to Sergio Palleroni about the importance of Public Interest Design and architectural education, and to Verónica Sánchez about how her previous work in Africa during the Ebola crisis has led her to design treatment centres for patients with COVID-19. Last week, we spoke to Andreas Schiffer about the basics of WASH and why it matters to architecture and planning disciplines.

Photo: Lorenza Esquinca

All these articles and many more are now accessible in our new gallery Professors & Collaborators on our website! We hope you enjoy browsing through all the amazing conversations we had with our fantastic staff and collaborators.





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