“We need to understand that the fight against climate change needs to be connected to the fight for social justice,” our guest professor Gonzalo Lizarralde told us in a conversation, as “the fight for social justice is tied to the idea of preserving the environment and adapting to climate change”. One of the core objectives of our program is to increase the awareness of our students by working on urgent emergency topics such as climate change, environmental justice and resilience.

These aspects also played an important role in our most recent field trip to Peru, where they worked on Integrated nature-based solutions for post-disaster recovery through public space design. In March 2017 the natural phenomenon known as ‘El Niño costero’ brought intense rains and flooding to Pedregales in Piura, causing 3000 people to lose their homes.

Continuing our popular series of lists with books, podcasts and other resources to bolster our knowledge of practices and contexts, we introduce 10 podcasts around climate change, environmental justice and other urban issues.

Urban Political

One of the most exciting new podcast around, Urban Political delves into contemporary urban issues with activists, scholars and policy-makers from around the world. Providing informed views, state of the art knowledge and unusual insights, the podcast aims to advance our understanding of urban environments and how we might make them more just and democratic.

Tipping Point

This series of podcasts explores pathways for climate justice in the Anthropocene – a geological epoch shaped by humans. Should we become stewards of our planet or live in harmony with nature to achieve a good life for all?

Warm Regards

Warm Regards is a podcast about the warming planet. The female line-up of hosts include a paleoecologist, a biologist and a climate scientist.


Drilled is one of the few narrative podcasts about climate change. In 2018 when journalist Amy Westervelt was covering multiple climate lawsuits, she had the idea to put the story of climate change, and climate denial, into a true-crime framework.

Mothers of Invention

Climate change is a man-made problem — with a feminist solution! is the slogan of this podcast with former Irish President Mary Robinson and comedian Maeve Higgins, celebrating amazing women doing remarkable things in pursuit of climate justice.

No Place Like Home

A podcast that gets to the heart of climate change, exploring the biggest story of our time from inviting, intimate, creative, and surprising angles. From staying sane in the age of climate change, to real talk about whether or not our personal choices really matter to saving the planet, No Place Like Home dives into the spiritual, personal, cultural, and emotional dimensions of climate change.

Hot Take

Climate change has emerged as the undisputed story of our time, even of all humanity. This podcast takes an intersectional, critical, but constructive look at climate coverage—with the ultimate goal of making the conversation more productive and powerful. Not just bigger, but more inclusive.

Political Climate

Political Climate is the only podcast offering an inside the trenches view on how energy and climate decisions get made and the political interests powering them.  The podcast offers a platform for constructive debate on energy and environmental issues in America.  A place where civil conversations, fierce debates and insider perspectives take place each week with hosts and guests from across the political spectrum.

The Response

Part of the Shareable series of documentaries, articles and other resources, The Response is a documentary podcast series exploring the remarkable communities that arise in the aftermath of disasters. Spanning the globe, each episode takes a deep dive into a unique location to uncover the extraordinary stories that are hidden just beneath the surface of everyday life.


This is the podcast series of the International Rescue Committee with leading humanitarians, foreign policy makers, and innovators to understand how they think about and tackle global crises. Among other things, it is looking at climate change displacement, and how global warming exacerbates conflict.

Bonus: Ciudad Hub

The podcast of cities – this podcast in Spanish covers topics such as feminist urbanism, environmental justice, mobility and other urban issues. Check out this episode with our guest professor Isabelle Anguelovski from the Barcelona Lab for Urban Environmental Justice and Sustainability.




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