Hacer-Mucho-Con-Poco-Do-More-With-LessNext Tuesday, January 30th, our campus will host a screening of Do More With Less (Hacer Mucho Con Poco), a documentary about the social commitment of architecture explored through the work of Ecuadorian firm Al Borde and their resource-effective approach to tackling urban challenges in Latin America.

Filmmakers Katerina Kliwadenko (Chile, 1985) and architect Mario Novas (Spain, 1977), who have directed short films such as Muncyt, Nave and Ciudad de la Cultura, will join us for a screening of the film on our campus (Sala de Graus) at 10:30am. The screening is open to the public. Let us know you’re coming on Facebook.

By 2030, two billion people are expected to be living in slums. Aware of this looming reality and the international attention that Latin America has attracted in recent years, the directors decided to embark on their first feature film to portray contemporary architecture in Ecuador as an example of alternative architectural practices that address social issues, seek innovation in local resources, and ultimately aim to change the way in which the architectural profession interacts with society.

The filmmakers hopes to appeal to architecture students and young architects who are facing the current worldwide crisis of the discipline.

Watch the trailer below.

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