Esther_Menduina_open_lectureThis Friday, we welcome back former student of our master program Esther Menduiña as guest lecturer to hear about her experience during this past year working for the Norweigan Refugee Council (NRC) in response to the refugee crisis in Greece, as well as her research on the global and local impacts of mass migration.

In her lecture, titled Urban Emergency Response, Esther will present an analysis of the case of Thessaloniki, Greece, a haven for Europe’s newest refugees through a European Commission-funded housing scheme that relocates refugees living in camps into apartments in the city center. Having launched its resilience strategy in March, it is the first Greek city to undertake a long-term plan and may serve as model for the integration of refugees in cities across Europe where many refugees resort to living on the street in hopes of access to work opportunities and a return to a normal life.

Join us for this open lecture on Friday at the UIC campus in Barcelona.

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