170523_FINAL_JURY_2017Like every year, our course comes to an end with the presentation of our students’ final theses. Join us May 25-26th when our students will defend their final thesis before a jury comprised by our in-house faculty members and visiting jury members Dr. Enzo Falco from TU Delft and Dr. Annette Rudolph-Cleff from TU Darmstadt.

Here’s are some of the topics of our students’ master theses this year:

  • Rethinking Food Aid Systems: Examining food sovereignty and its Potential in Za’atari Refugee Camp, Al-Mafraq, Jordan (Jess Pauly)
  • From Privatization to the Human Right to Water: A Closer Look at Uruguay, Bolivia and Argentina (Livia Mikulec)
  • Toward a Community Resilience Assessment: Exploring the Fertile Soils in the Spanish Context (Marta Petteni)
  • Immigrant Employment and Integration in Barcelona: A Qualitative Study (Patricia Schappo)
  • Expressions of Ethnicity in Place: A Physical and Social Analysis of Via Padova (Marcello Maltagliati)
  • Investigating Socio-spatial Dynamics in Extraordinary Reception Centers: The Case of Bergamo (Agnese Grigis)
  • Integrative Refugee Housing: The Efficacy of Adaptive Reuse in the United States and Europe (Toma Walker)
  • Transit Cities: A Critical Analysis of Transitional Reception Capms in the Urban Context of Paris (Michel Jacquet)
  • Refugees, Economic Migrants and Demographic Decline in Italy (Estella Pasquini)
  • Regenerating Informal Settlements: Battling Inequality through Public-Private-People Partnerships in Mexico (Carolina Collignon)
  • Standing on Shifting Ground: An Assessment of  Temporary Housing in Central Italy (Chiara Oggioni)
  • Upgrading the Edges: Challenging the Mind Frame of Relocation for the Bordos of San Pedro Sula (Renata Mendez)
  • Smart City? What Address Are You Looking For? Perception and Participation in India’s Upcoming Smart Cities through the Case of Pune (Sneha Malani)
  • Analyzing Peace Scenarios in Colombia: the Possibilities of Integral Repair in Post-Conflict Societies (Mariana Londoño)
  • Build Back Better? Not only a Technical Matter: Insights from Owner-Driven Reconstruction in Nepal (Martina Manna)
  • An Elegy for Those who Withstood the Disaster: Integration of Local Building Culture in Disaster Risk Reduction Practices (Boshra Khoshnevis)

There will be a post-presentation reception with drinks and snacks at 6:30pm on Friday.

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