Join us on campus next Thursday for an open lecture with Enric Roig and Jose Luis Zatarain of FPSC, who will be talking about the Palestinian people’s access to human rights like water and sanitation.

Building on the experience acquired over the last 10 years through Water Management projects developed in Palestine in partnership with civil society organizations and local authorities, Enric Roig and José Luis Zataraín will analyze the current situation and its implications in the access of the Palestinian people to human rights in general and the right to water in particular.

Their Foundation for the Social Promotion of Culture (FPSC) is a private, non-for-profit organisation established 1987 in Spain that has worked to promote human development in more than 50 countries in four continents. Enric Roig leads the Humanitarian Aid and Development Education Department of  FPSC (Fundación Promoción Social de la Cultura), a Spanish nonprofit that promotes development and culture in developing countries.

Enric was a guest speaker at our Refugee City conference last November.

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