In the face of an increasingly urban planet–where for the first time in human history more than half of the world’s population is living in cities–citizens, governments, urban planners and other experts must come together to address the effects of rapid urbanization, conflict, disaster and climate change. This is the subject of the exhibition and lecture series “Thinking Outside the Box”, organized by our partner university TU Darmstadt, which will be feature a talk on June 22nd by our codirector Carmen Mendoza on “Urban upgrading through socio-spatial interventions.”

The series, which takes place in the DAM – German Architecture Museum from May 20th to June 26th 2016, will address the issues of affordable housing, the changing roles of public spaces, the various interpretations and understandings of urban mobility, and finally, the complexities of disaster-risk management.

The full lecture series (see below) also features experts like Alan Mabin, Dan Lewis, and Marie Aquilino, who have participated in our masters program as faculty and guest lecturers:

“What prospects for affordable housing in twenty first century cities?”

Alan Mabin, Emeritus Professor, Wits City Institute, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

“Common ground, common purpose, common action:defining new modalities for protecting cities from critical events”
Dan Lewis, Chief, UN-HABITAT Nairobi, Disaster and Post-Conflict Section (DPCS)

“Canaan, Haiti: Thriving in the Arrival City”
Marie Aquilino, professor of architectural history at Ecole Spéciale de l’Architecture (ESA), Paris

“Urban upgrading through socio-spatial interventions”

María del Carmen Mendoza Arroyo, Head of the Urban Design and Planning Department, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

For more info, visit the TU Darmstadt blog.

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