FINAL_JURY_2016Another year, another final jury! Join us May 24-25th when our students will defend their final thesis before a jury comprised by our in-house faculty members and visiting jury members Peter Gotsch of TU Darmstadt and Alan Mabin of University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, an expert in southern theory and urban development from who will be giving an open lecture on May 23rd.

Here’s are the topics of our students’ master theses this year:

  • Prospects of Renewal of the Obsolete Panel Mass Housing in Russia (Roman Mitreichev)
  • Urban Integration Process for Refugees in Europe: Analyzing Sustainable Refugee Strategies and  Policies through the Pilot Case of Barcelona (Esther Menduiña)
  • Social Entrepeneurships and the Role of Public Space in Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i La Ribera neighborhood as catalysts of immigrant integration in Barcelona (Lia Guerra)
  • Governing Urban Informalities in Amman: Approaching the Informal as a Manifestation of Urban Poser Structures (Dana Barqawi)
  • Post-catastrophe and Non-monumental Heritage: The Loss of Social Identity in L’Aquila (Chiara Gemmiti)– Housing Policies in Peru: A Focus in Arequipa (Maria Luisa Benavente)
  • Limitations and Possibilities of the Reconstruction Sector in the Current Socio-Economic Context of Greece (Eva Grigoriadou)
  • Chinese-Ethiopian Development Cooperation: Economic, Social and Political Repercussions of Urban Policy and Planning Mobility (Rekik Beyene Gethahun)
  • Mobility in the Just City: Dealing with Socio-spatial Inequities in Toluca, Estado de México (Elvia Erosa)
  • Networking for Food Sovereignty: A Multidimensional Approach to Food Systems Management in Bolivia (Alexandria Novokowsky)
  • Rethinking the Mobility Paradigm: Prioritizing Public Transportation in the City of La Paz, Bolivia (Arturo Crespo)
  • Negotiating Cultural Identities in Post-Conflict Spaces: The Memorial Landscapes of Nicosia (Konstantina Chrysostomou)
  • Urban Regeneration Program for Old Residential Area in Ho Chi Minh City: A Study of the Barcelona Model (Tran Hau Thai Tuan)
  • Alternative Housing Processes: Collective Action in the city of Barcelona (Georgia Manousogiannaki)
  • Monocultural Food Justice: Barriers to Accessing Nutrition in Dublin (Lisa Smyth)
  • Integrated Development: A Non-Differential Design Approach (Chrissy Gaglione)
  • Water Security in Small Islands: Uses and Management in Jamaica (Anthony Jaganaught)
  • Plan to Action: Social Enterprises Response to a Fractured Solid Waste System in Nairobi (Julissa Kiyenje)

There will be a post-presentation reception with drinks and snacks at 6:30pm on Wednesday.

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