We are honored to participate in a symposium next Thursday, April 7th at RIBA in London in connection with its Creation from Catastrophe exhibition, which “explores the varying and sometimes magical ways that cities and communities have been re-imagined in the aftermath of disasters.”

Invited speakers include our codirector Carmen Mendoza, Esther Charlesworth of our partner RMIT University, and several of our visiting professors–Camillo Boano of The Bartlett Development Planning Unit UCL, Nabeel Hamdi of Oxford Brookes University, and Dan Lewis of UN-Habitat–among others.

Speakers will discuss the issues such as current, emerging and needed roles or urban practitioners before and after disaster, research and training challenges for design and development professionals working in the humanitarian sector, and examine various case studies from the field.

The symposium was made possible with the support of all participating partners: RIBA, RMIT University, RMIT Europe, IFRC, UN-Habitat, CENDEP, Oxford Brookes, UIC Barcelona, ARUP, Bartlett Development Planning Unit, and UCL.

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