Geographical_ImaginationsOur visiting faculty member Reena Tiwari was recently featured by cultural geographer Kevin S. Fox from Connecticut on his hour-long radio program Geographical Imaginations, “brief expeditions into the geographies of everything and nothing” that explore how we think about space and place and reflects upon our relationships with the worlds we inhabit and co-create.  The growing multi-media public geography initiative is designed to bring together academic and everyday geographical, or spatial, thinking.

“Have you ever thought about or considered that a city could have a unique rhythm all its own? We might call it vibe, or maybe by some other name, but social scientists actively work with this concept that may very well have practical applications for community development and urban renewal.”

Geographical_Imaginations_Episode_15_Reena_TiwariTitled Wanted: Rhythmanalysts, Episode Fifteen with Reena Tiwari examines how communities can better imagine the geographies in which they live by unpacking the rhythms that make up those spaces. Reena has engaged a number of communities in India using the concept of rhythmanalysis, which she outlines in her book Space, Body, Ritual: Performativity in the City.

Past episodes on the show have featured guests such as Doreen Massey, Veronica della Dora and Christopher Gaffney.

Listen to all the episodes at the website.



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