We are excited to announce that Alejandro Haiek Coll, Venezuelan architect, artist and cofounder of LAB.PRO.FAB and The Public Machinery will be joining our faculty and leading his first workshop at our masters course from the 9th-12th of November. Haiek, a professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, Central University of Venezuela, has been referred to one of the most innovative alternative young urbanists practicing today.

Tiuna El Fuerte Cultural Park in Caracas, Venezuela by Alejandro Haiek and Eleanna Cadalso of Lab.Pro.Fab: By occupying underused land at Calle Longaray within the city of Caracas, the project addresses the city’s lack of green space and fulfills a need for youth programming.

His projects, devoted to resuscitating inactive landscapes, degraded social contexts and post-catastophe situations, are socially driven and characterized by bottom-up initiatives that “engage actively with communities to help transform their social situations and improve their built environments.” (Read more about Haiek in these interviews with Architecture New Zealand and Public Art Review.

If you understand Spanish, you can see him talk through his projects in this lecture he gave to postgraduate students at Escola da Cidade in São Paulo Brazil.

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