Disasters happen all the time. We can’t always prevent them from happening, but disaster risk reduction efforts can limit the scale of devastation.

Launched this Tuesday to coincide with the International Day for Disaster Reduction, the Good Practice Review (GPR) for Disaster Risk Reduction microsite, authored UCL’s Dr John Twigg with the support of the Humanitarian Practice Network (HPN), features the revised edition of the review originally published in 2004. The publication is available as a pdf, but make sure to click through the site for videos like the ones below.

Focusing on recent case studies like the 2015 Nepal earthquake, the document “aims to help disaster planners and managers appreciate the significance of hazards (primarily natural hazards) and the risks associated with them; appreciate the need for risk management in project planning and implementation, and the value of such efforts; recognise the main issues that must be understood and addressed when carrying out risk reduction or disaster mitigation and preparedness initiatives; and understand – at least in broad terms – how to address these issues in practice, throughout the project cycle.”

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