This year the Curry Stone Design Prize has been awarded to Rural Urban Frameword (RUF), a Hong Kong–based nonprofit research and design firm that is working to help recover and rebuild villages across China that have been affected by the massive rural-to-urban migrations.

Founded in 2006, the architecture firm uses design strategies to transform the hollowed-out cities and burgeoning urban sprawl created by this exodus. By engaging inhabitants in the design process and integrating with the built and natural environment, RUF has completed successful projects in 18 communities across China. The scale of the projects ranges from small interventions, such as bridge and prototype housing construction, to the post-disaster reconstruction of an entire village.

Watch the video below, or find out more about their work here.

The Curry Stone Design Prize is one of the most recognized social impact design awards celebrating socially engaged practitioners and the influence and reach of design as a force for improving lives and strengthening communities, with the goal of inspiring the next generation of designers to harness their ingenuity and craft for social good by sharing and supporting the impactful work of leading social impact practitioners.


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