Our faculty member Kathrin Golda-Pongratz’s recently published Landscapes of Pressure is a finalist in this year’s FAD Awards in the Critical Thinking category.

Based on the conviction that contemporary politics of land management respond to the logics of the global economy and consequently convert any territory within a metropolitan agglomeration into an object of speculation, the book analyzes the case of the Eurovegas project in Spain, a prime example of these landscapes of pressure. Through a series of essays accompanied by photographs exhibited by the author at the Fundació Miró Museum in Barcelona in 2014, it reflects on territorial policies, processes of urban development and the productivity of a territory in its multiple facets. The book also features an essay by the art critic Carles Guerra.

The FAD Awards ceremony will take place July 2nd 2015.

Congrats Kathrin!

Kathrin_GoldaArchitect, urban researcher and photographer. PhD in Urban Planning from Karlsruhe University. She is professor of international urbanism at the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt, Germany, guest professor at the Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería in Lima, Peru and teaches urbanism at La Salle School of Architecture in Barcelona. She has lectured, published and conducted workshops internationally. Her research focuses on urbanization processes and migration, Latin American urbanism, informal urbanism, housing policies, structural changes of urban societies, urban renewal and place-making strategies, public space, urban memory, urban perception and urban culture. Currently, she develops a research project entitled “Traces of De- and Recolonization.”

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