We are proud to announce that the socio-spatial analysis conducted by our students this year in the Torre Baro workshop to assess the strategic value of spatial and cultural resources in order to reinforce local identity and community engagement, will be featured in an exhibition titled Piso Piloto at the CCCB (map here) in Barcelona that reflects on the issue of housing.
Inaugurating this Wednesday June 3th and showing until October 25th, the exhibition will feature proposals that respond to the challenges of housing and its relationship with public space on a global scale through the selection of two specific contexts: the cities of Barcelona and Medellín, which have an internationally recognized history of mutual cooperation towards inclusive urban planning strategies that have placed public spaces at the service of social redistribution. Even so, like many other cities in the world, they still face an urgent need to guarantee the right to housing.

Our student’s work from the Torre Baro workshop featured in the CCCB exhibition

Piso Piloto is structured into three parts: The Housing Problem, which presents the main challenges; Housing as a Solution, which exhibits potential solutions; and Challenges, a space for discussion that serve as a stimulus to give continuity to this entire process.

The exhibit counts on the participation of cooperatives, architecture studios, platforms, collectives, artists and other organizations and universities, including our own ESARQ-UIC, among others: ETSAB, ETSAV, La Salle, ETSAM, IAAC, ESARQ-UIC, Elisava, Columbia University, Fundació UPC, CoAC, FAD Fundació Arrels, PAH, Sostre Cívic, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, URBAM-EAFIT and Escuela del Habitat-UNAL.

The exhibition will be simultaneously shown at the Museo de Antioaquia from June 24th to October 24th.

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