Our students have been working fast and furiously on their master thesis over the last few months, and we’re as excited as they are relieved to see the results! Join us this Thursday and Friday when they’ll be presenting their thesis to a final jury comprised by our in-house faculty members and visiting jury members Peter Gotsch from our partner university TU Darmstadt and Marie Aquilino from Ecole Spécial d’Architecture in Paris. In case you’d also like to join us, on Wednesday Marie will be giving an open lecture on reconstruction in Haiti on Wednesday during her stay.

Here’s an example of the topics our students will be addressing in their theses:

Resilience through public space: Transforming vulnerability into opportunity (by Samar Al-Skaff)
Innovative methodologies in the regeneration of subaltern urban spaces: The case of Pune as a smart city (by Shubhashweti Sinha)
Building education in emergencies: The case of Melkadida refugee camp in Ethiopia (by Ana Martín)
Green infrastructure as a tool for resilience: Discussing floods mitigation in developing countries (by Ilaria Chiusolo)
Sensitive design for gender-based violence prevention in refugee camps: The case of Al Zaatari and Azraq, Jordan (by Christelle Lahoud)
A methodological framework for a pro-equity strategic urban planning: The case of New York City (by Giulia Lavagna)
Upgrading informal settlements: Between dystopia and social change in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro (by Thaisa Comelli)
Refugees on the Lebanese battlefield: Urbanization and local integration in Beirut (by Alexandra Kallab)
A critical perspective on refugee camp planning: The case of Al Zaatari and Al Azraq, Jordan (by Nasr Chamma)
Rethinking educational facilities in development scenarios: The case of  Casamance in Senegal

If you attend, make sure to stay for snacks and drinks at 7pm on Friday, when we’ll also take the opportunity to be celebrate the launch of our new book, Development in Context: Challenges and Sustainable Urban Strategies, which features contributions from our staff and former students.

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