Next Monday at 12pm we welcome scholar Aditya Kumar, who will be give an open lecture on community based planning in managing disaster reconstruction, post-war reconstruction and slum upgrading. Kumar will be sharing first-hand experiences from the field, and present the various tools and methods for participation to involve communities in their own development. The lecture will help students and practitioners reflect on the role that designers, architects and planners can play in community participation.

Kumar holds a master degree in Architecture MR+D (Metropolitan Research and Design) from the Southern California Institute of Architecture, in Los Angeles. He has an outstanding work which comprises among others the reconstruction of Nahr El Bared Palestinian refugee camp. He is the Head of the Design and Planning Unit of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency in Tripoli, Lebanon.

“My role involves supporting communities living in poverty stricken slums in Southern and Eastern Africa, with a strong focus on South African slums, townships, housing and backyard communities. I am responsible for coordinating multi stakeholder partnerships; supporting and strengthening community structures; poverty reduction through generating livelihood and capacitating communities on issues of water, sanitation, and hygiene.” -Aditya Kumar.

The lecture is open to students and the general public. Come join us!

ESARQ UIC Campus – Room Alfa 303
C/Immaculada, 22 08017 Barcelona

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