Development by Design: Dialogue with World Vision's Susanna Oliver

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Next Thursday March 26th, our Development by Design: Dialogues in Architecture, Equity and Development continue with special guest Susanna Oliver, project manager and head of the Catalunya office of World Vision, one of the largest relief and development organizations in the world. (Register here!)

Access to clean water is of the essence in any post-disaster scenario. In this third dialogue, and in honor of World Water Day, World Vision project manager Susanna Oliver will talk us through the strategies and specific tools used by the organization to restore water in emergency situations, particularly that of the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan, and moreover how these projects are maintained over time and how they transition into the development phase of the affected community. Guiding the conversation will be our professor Emilio Hormias, an architect with extensive experience planning projects in developing countries. The session counts on the support of the We Are Water Foundation.

In light of the recent destruction caused by Cyclone Pam, and World Vision’s strong presence in the severely affected island of Vanuatu since 1981, Susanna will talk about the current situation on the island nation, where the organization regularly works in the provinces of Tafea, Sanma, Efate and Penama. Their projects there include water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), agriculture, economic development, education, early childhood development and disaster risk reduction and preparedness.

Organized in collaboration with Roca, the series was conceived by our master program to highlight the role of architects and designers in contexts of poverty, disaster, conflict and rapid urbanization. In each of the four sessions, we pair up a special guest from respected agencies and NGOs from the development field with one of our own staff and hash out the key issues surrounding the practice of architecture and design particularly in the field of development and in the construction of cities in general.

To attend the event, just register online and let us know you’re coming on our Facebook event. We hope to see you at this first session of our Development by Design series at our partner’s sleek venue Roca Barcelona Gallery next Thursday at 7pm! Don’t forget our fourth and final session next April 21st featuring architect Teddy Cruz! Stay tuned for updates here and on Facebook and Twitter.



Susanna Oliver | Susanna is project manager and head of the Catalunya office of World Vision, one of the largest relief and development organizations in the world. She has extensive experience managing aid projects in developing countries with the organization, which recently collaborated with Roca’s We Are Water Foundation in providing safe access to water for over 500 families after Typhoon Haiyan in the Phillipines by supplying each family with two 10-litre drums for collecting and purifying water.


Emilio Hormias | Emilio is an architect, Associate Professor at EPSEB-UPC, and Coordinator of the NGO University without Borders (USF). He implements social and educational facilities and planning projects in developing countries and his research is focused on building restoration and low-cost materials. He is also co-founder of the firm Bestraten Hormias Arquitectura in Barcelona.

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