This Friday November 28th, we welcome back former student Rossana Poblet for an open lecture on Lima’s ecological infrastructure strategy, which she has been researching and working on since graduating in 2010.

Rossana is an architect and urban planner from Peru and has worked for the last several years finding solutions to the challenges of rapid urban growth centres in the global South. Her work experience includes projects in Peru, South Africa, Kosovo and Germany. She has worked as researcher and professor at the Institute of Landscape Planning and Ecology, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, at Stuttgart University. She studied architecture and urban planning in Ricardo Palma University in Lima and has completed two masters degrees in Architecture and Urban Renewal and a double Master degree from Erasmus Mundus in International Cooperation and Urban Development at TU Darmstadt and our Msc in International Cooperation Sustainable Emergency Architecture at ESARQ UIC in Barcelona. Her focus on practical work and research includes informal settlements upgrading and potentials, ecological infrastructure, water sensitive urban design for dry areas, landscape and open space planning and design, participative planning and design processes and land administration and social housing, among other topics. She joined the research project Lima Water (LiWa) funded by the Federal German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) developing the Workpackage 9 Integrated Planning Strategies and Planning Tools and as project manager of the LiWa Pilot Project inaugurated last August 17th in Lima. All that work has been developed considering ecological infrastructure strategies for dry cities, like Metropolitan Lima, and integrating landscape planning, urban design and water management, in order to reduce physical and social fragmentation considering the urban water cycle.

Come and join us!

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