Dr. Camillo Boano to give an open lecture at our master

On July 22, 7.30 pm, the Master of International Cooperation Sustainable Emergency Architecture is featuring an open lecture by Dr. Camillo Boano, Senior Lecturer at Development Planning Unit, UCL, with a Master in Urban Development and a PhD in Planning from Oxford Brookes University. His research focuses on urban development, contested urbanism, socio-spatial dialectics, design and urban transformations, shelter and housing reconstruction in conflicted areas, divided cities and post-disaster environments. His consultancy roles have included work in South and Central America, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia, in collaboration with numerous institutions, such as UNHCR, UNDP, Refugee Study Centre, Oxfam GB, Italian Civil Protection, World Bank and several architectural practices.

We will also count with a prestigious panel of experts:
Esteban Leon, Disaster Management Specialist UN HABITAT.
Felip Roca, Member of the Council for International Cooperation of the Municipality of Barcelona.
Guillen Augé, Architect at UNDO and previously Operational Manager Secretariat for Habitat and Inclusion in GCBA (Buenos Aires).
Joan Vitoria, architect at El Globus Vermell, architectural association “architecture by/for/with people”.

The conference will be held at the ESARQ-UIC University (Aula Jardí), Immaculada 22, Barcelona: looking forward to see you there!

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