The Context of Sustainable Architecture

During the days 28-29 May in Barcelona, the Roca Gallery in collaboration with AxA (Arquitectes per l’Arquitectura), hosts the seminar The Context of Sustainable Architecture to generate a debate about the economical and ecological context in which buildings are being erected and used, and how the decisions made by the architect have an impact on our environment and on society. The seminar aims to offer an holistic vision of the problem, and will approach it from different points of view such as architecture, communication, ecology and economy.

The documentary “The Lightbulb Conspiracy” from the director Cosima Dannoritzer will open the event, followed by a reflection by Antonio Turiel upon the problem of the obsolescence of things: “The unplanned obsolescence of planned obsolescence”. The main part of the programme is composed by four conversations that counts with an international panel of speakers. After a short introduction by Sander Laudy as moderator, each of the two participants will give their vision on the theme of the debate, ending in a conversation between both speakers.

  1. The Green Lie. Can the frog be honest, please? with Anatxu Zabalbeascoa & Bruno Sauer
  2. The harsh reality of the energy revolution: a déjà vu? with Chris Goodall & Aleksandar Ivancic
  3. The meaning of architecture without new buildings with Hans Ibelings & Peter Sweatman
  4. No nonsense, efficiency is business with Ruud Lubbers & Warner Philips

The event is open, with previous online registration: you can attend some or all the conversations.

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