The House I Dream Of, an initiative for high school students interested in architecture

The house we dream of: is it just a concept almost metaphysical or is it something real, constructible? The Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de la Universitat Internacional de Cataluña (ESARQ-UIC) is launching The House I Dream Of, a participatory project open to high school students interested in architecture. This cultural initiative aims to generate a reflexion about the relationship between people and their habitats, with the idea of highlighting the role of the architect in our daily lives. This is a first approach for students who are considering becoming an architect.

Through this international collaborative project, high school students will learn about the process of thinking a home, about the different variables that will influence this process and how these will vary depending on the country, culture or environment the house is meant for. The participation of young people, without previous knowledge of architecture, allows space for reverie and all those ideas that may not be viable architecturally, but expresses a concept of dreamed habitat. In addition to the project, the ESARQ-UIC released several inspiring videos with interviews to architecture students, to engage the conversation between high school students and future architects.

So, what is your dream house? If you feel to participate, enter the website of the project and fill the online submission. You have until 15 July to present your proposal: you only have to draw how you imagine your desired house and explain why from your personal point of view. All the material received will be part of an exhibition at Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC).

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