Peaceful protest for decent housing

Peaceful protest for a decent housing

Only a week after the end of the 7th edition of the World Urban Forum in Medellín, and the organizers were still celebrating its success with a positive feedback and hopeful conclusions, the reality was quite different in Oasis, only a few miles away from Morro de Moravia, an example of urban transformation.

In 2007, an accidental fire left 267 families without houses. Back then, the govement granted immediate solutions and free relocation for the victims. However, it seems the politics have not fulfilled their promise and the population decided to organize a peaceful protest occupying a plot to enforce their rights and demand a decent housing. The police was sent to evict the protesters, using tear gas and rubber bullets, wounding several of them: according to the administration, most of the affected families already received attention and claims are unfounded.

Even if Medellín is making great efforts to eradicate violence and poverty, there is still a lot of work to do to reduce social inequalities and offer all its citizens decent conditions of living.

Photo: Foro Social Urbano Alternativo y Popular

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