Yesterday and today, professor Isabelle Anguelovsky led a short workshop with our students on the theoretical underpinnings of urban development, sustainability planning, and environmental inequalities, and on achieving urban environmental justice in neighborhood revitalization.

Isabelle is a social scientist trained in urban and environmental planning and international development, with a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2011). Her focus is on the intersection of environmental policy and planning, social inequality, and development studies, and her recent research has examined environmental mobilization and revitalization in low-income and minority neighborhoods across political systems and contexts of urbanization. She has worked for international development organizations and still occasionally consults for NGOs and international organizations on indigenous peoples’ rights, urban and environmental planning, climate mitigation programs, and gender policy.

She recently gave a talk at our campus on The Right of Families to Housing, in which she discussed the policies needed to guarantee this fundamental right. You can access the content of her presentation in this pdf.

photo by Carla Betancourt

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