Next Thursday, October 31st, the retired senior lecturer from the Development Planning Unit (DPU) of the University College London, Ronaldo Ramírez, will be giving a talk at the Department of Architecture  of the University of Cambridge on Urban and Social Development in the Barrios of Havana.

His presentation examines practices of urban poverty eradication through multi-dimensional social housing initiatives and covers the following three parts: the conceptual evolution of social housing policies in the “Countries of the South”; the social conditions in Cuba during part of the Special Period and the years of extreme scarcity experienced by the Cuban population in the 1990s; and a few activities carried out by the communities in the barrios of Havana during the same period.

Ronaldo Ramírez was Director of the Master courses on “Urban Development Planning” and on “International Housing Studies” in the DPU. He still continues to teach, conduct academic research and provide consultancies in the UK, Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

See the flier for more information.

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