As part of a seminar on Family and Poverty,  UIC’s Institut de Estudis Superiors de la Familia will be hosting a conference on the right of families to housing, which will feature the participation of one of our faculty members, Isabelle Anguelovsky. Organized in collaboration with our school of architecture ESARQ, the  conference will take place tomorrow at the UIC campus from 10am to 1:30 pm and include talks by policy-makers from the city of Barcelona.

Doctor Isabelle Anguelovsky is a social scientist trained in urban and environmental planning and her recent research has examined environmental mobilization and revitalization in low-income and minority neighborhoods across political systems and contexts of urbanization. She has worked for international development organizations and still occasionally consults for NGOs and international organizations on indigenous peoples’ rights, urban and environmental planning, climate mitigation programs, and gender policy. At the conference, Isabelle will discuss the policies needed to guarantee the right of families to housing. Seating is limited and entrance is free. You can confirm assistance at

22 October 2013
Saló de Graus
C/ Immaculada, 22
08017 Barcelona

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