On September 20, TEDCity2.0 featured over 20 speakers from different fields who came together to envision the cities of our future and share ideas about collaborative action and sustainable solutions. Out of the entire program, we would highlight talks by architects and urban practitioners such as Ananya Roy‘s “What Makes a World Class City” in Session 1: Redefining Citizen,” and all of those in Session 4: Redrawing Geographies, which included Enrique Peñalosa, Alan Ricks and Francis Kéré.

Below are the videos and corresponding time codes to those talks, or watch all four sessions here.

Session 1: Redefining Citizen

Poverty professor Ananya Roy, exploring the ingenuity of the world’s most vulnerable

Session 4: Redrawing Geographies

Informal City Dialogues introductory video by Next City and The Rockefeller Foundation.

Transportation evangelist Enrique Peñalosa, who turned Bogotá into an international model for pedestrian life and transportation innovation.

Impact designer Alan Ricks, who believes the global south has something to teach the global north about beauty and justice.

Burkina Faso architect Diébédo Francis Kéré, who creates elegance using local crafts and materials.

Writer Joshunda Sanders, who’s remapping the mental urban landscape with memoir.

Photographer Iwan Baan, who captures life in informal communities, including the world’s most notorious vertical slum.

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