In Haiti follows the two filmmakers and friends, Florian Wiesner from Haiti and Fabian Bohnet-Waldraff from Germany on a month-long road trip in 2008 through the island. After much work and a successful Kickstarter campaign, the duo has released In Haiti, which offers a genuine picture of pre-earthquake Haiti beyond the violence commonly portrayed in the media; the complex aspects of Haitian reality and a colorful and rich portrait of its people.

The documentary can offer those interested in working in development and Haiti in particular an overview of the country’s history, society and closer look at issues like the school and health system, the causes of deforestation and food insecurity.

We came across the video via one of our former students, Alberto Preato, who since graduating in 2011 has been working in Haiti and is currently Head of Sub Office in Leogane for the International Organization for Migration (IOM). Thanks Alberto!

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