Yesterday, Rwanda’s first students to graduate with an architecture degree celebrated their graduation ceremony at the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST).

As one of our former students, Nerea Amoros, who works as an assistant lecturer and the KIST’s Faculty of Architecture, told us in an interview back in 2011 when she began teaching there, “This is the first generation of architecture students in a country where the profession of architect, per se, has never existed.”

Rwanda’s New Times quoted one of the students, Marie Amelie Ntigilirwa, who said: “I like building, environment and creating spaces and I am glad that I can now be part of those to improve and bridge the skills gap in the field of architecture in my country.”

Another architecture student, Thierry Iraguha, intended to bring unique architectural designs to the country since the current designs were a copy and paste from other countries. (For more on that, see Killian Doherty’s article on The Search for Rwandese Regionalism.)

Congratulations to all the KIST graduates!

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