Public Interest Design 100 Global Edition

By May 17, 2013Blog, NewsBites

As they announced back when they released their first Public Interest Design 100, a global edition would follow representing 100 individuals and teams from across the globe, working at the intersection of design and service.

The expanded list now features practitioners from 35 countries, including  Urban Think Tank, TYIN Tegnestue, Anna Heringer, Francis Kéré, Peter Rich and many more that are not specifically designers or architects, but also educators, policy makers, funders, facilitators and promotors.

We would have also included in the infographic educators like Marie Aquilino (École Spéciale d’Architecture and author of Beyond Shelter), Nabeel Hamdi (Oxford Brooks), Jacqueline Polvora (Pontifícia Universidade do Rio Grande do Sul) or Reen Tiwari (Curtin University), who–full-disclosure–are part of our amazing faculty–but who are actively working in the field of development and recognized for their academic work and their active participation as architects in projects dealing with post-disaster, informal settlements, and sustainable development.

We hope to see the list of global practitioners working towards the common good grow in numbers…in order to spread their knowledge and practice.

See the Global Public Interest Design 100 here.



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