Charles Newman at FAED arctalks in Rwanda

By May 10, 2013Blog, NewsBites

What is the Architect’s role in the design process? How does donor money influence a project’s design? What is the role of the donor? – the government? – the client? How can a truly sustainable project be created?

On May 15 at 6:00 pm, as part of the Faculty of Architecture and Environmental Design of Rwanda (FAED) semester II arctalks, Democratic Republic of Congo-based architect Charles Newman will share his experience working in community design. Having spent the last 4 years working throughout the region, the emerging American born architect has worked with numerous small NGOs on projects from design development to construction completion. From helping a community to plan a budget for their school, to working with groups of Maasai women to design a cultural icon, he has focused his efforts as a designer towards putting the pencil in the hand of his clients.

Since January of 2012, Newman has been working with the International Rescue Committee as part of the single largest development project in Africa, Tuungane. This project, created towards the ultimate goal of improving governance and service delivery, works with millions of villagers along the Eastern border of the DRC. Communities are given the opportunity to design their own projects, choose their own contractors, and manage their own budgets throughout the process.

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