Join us tomorrow 12 February for our first open lecture this season, featuring the cofounder and executive director of Shelter Centre, Tom Corsellis, who will talk about the state of humanitarian shelter over the course of history and new courses of action for the future.

The lecture will take place at ESARQ-UIC in the Saló de Graus at 12pm.

Tom Corsellis is the executive director of Shelter Centre, a Swiss humanitarian NGO that works to support all humanitarian stakeholders involved in the shelter of populations affected by conflict and natural disaster. The organization developed from, an earlier initiative cofounded by Corsellis and hosted by the University of Cambridge that produced the book Transitional Settlement: Displaced Populations, a series of guidelines that support coordinators and specialists in responding to transitional settlement and shelter needs of displaced populations and their hosts. As an architect, he is specialized in emergency shelter programs and the physical planning of refugee camps. He is also the founder of, which helps remote, impoverished communities access the internet by stripping down graphic laden web pages and reports into plain text.

Don’t miss it…and feel free to let us know you’re coming on Facebook!

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