This week we welcomed back Nathaniel Corum, educational outreach director of Architecture for Humanity, for a workshop that engaged our students in the design process of a real-world design challenge located in the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador.

The collaboration between Ocean Voyages Institute, Architecture for Humanity, Clear Village and World Changing focuses on curriculum development and participatory design processes in developing a replicable community center requested by the people of San Cristobal that islanders can use for community projects, eco-scout activities, computer work and a library.

The workshop emphasized participatory and resilient design principles, explored case studies, discussed project processes and design/build cooperation informed by community teams in response to real-time requests from communities.

Find out about Nathaniel’s workshop last year on the Rio Floods project and keep up with the Galapagos Community Center’s progress at Worldchanging.

special thanks to Thomas Ermacora of Clear Village for his participation in the workshop and for filming the interview!

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