Rai Studio's earthquake-resistant housing prototypes for Afghan refugees

By January 21, 2013Blog, NewsBites

Iranian architecture firm Rai Studio recently completed a series of adobe housing prototypes in Kerman intended for Afghan refugees and communities affected by last year’s major earthquake in East Azerbaijan, in collaboration with Architecture for Humanity and the Norwegian Refugee Council.

The earth-based structures are the result of a research project on social sustainability led by Rai Studio to identify habits, beliefs and traditional constructions techniques pertaining to the Afghan culture in order to devise culturally integrated housing prototypes that incorporate inexpensive earthquake-resistent techniques, adhere to the community’s concepts of privacy and provide new animal pens that protect livestock from harsh winters.

Read more about the project at Domus, and find architectural diagrams and more photos in this Architecture for Humanity update from November.

Also check out this timelapse by Rai Studio which documents their construction of the two Afghan refugee housing prototypes in 17 days.

Rai Studio was founded in June 2007 by Iranian architect Pouya Khazaeli Parsa. a professor at Azad University.

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