The Missing Links: Establishing Evidence-based Design in Maternity Health Care
by Victoria Swan | Supervisor: Raquel Colacios

This thesis is intended as an articulation of distinctions between personal relationships in space and community, to explore the significance of pyschosocially framing needs in the community, for resource development in maternity health care. I will consider, why and how this should done, through optimising social sustainabilty as part of a typical decentralised health system,as a basis for enhancing ‘Social Capital’[1] when integrated through a supporting Evidence- Based Design (EBD) [11] framework. My aim is to create a dynamic narrative dialogue between, organisational process and resource and user, thus establishing a comprehensive picture of the complexities in environmental and sociological determinants acting on it and around the service, with the ultimate aim of ‘framing’ the resource context, as a basis for establishing a symbiosis in the design programming and system outputs to stabilise and enhance the service capacity.

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  • Tabassum says:


    I am an architect. Doing maters in disaster management at BRAC university, Bangladesh.

    I am really interested to know about this project. Can anyone give me any link of the student Victoria Swan , who did this project or Raquel Colacios supervisor of the supervisor.


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