Our alumni Eva Grigoriadou is part of the team that initiated the project When women go about Athens by URBANA.
URBANA is a socio-spatial project that aims to re-examine the structures and characteristics of Athens’ public space, while focusing on women’s experiences. Through a series of workshops, 15 women students of Panteion University participated on the exploratory walks around the area of the University and evaluated their experience with the use of indicators. The aim of the project was to highlight the daily experience of women as a tool for rethinking the cities and develop more inclusive interventions in the public space. The workshops have been based on the methodology of “exploratory walks”, where emphasis is given on observing and highlighting the experience of public space from the perspective of gender and everyday life.
In the video, the participants are describing how the workshops influenced and transformed their understanding of the public space.

“… because when you start to realise the gender dimension within the city, you will no longer be able to remain indifferent! ”


Design and implementation of the project: URBANA, Equal Saree
The project was implemented with the support of the Gender Studies Laboratory of Panteion University, with the funding and auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports.

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