Carmen Mendoza Arroyo / Mbongeni Ngulube / Ana Cañizares
Architecture UIC 2014

Our latest publication, Development in Context: Challenges and Sustainable Strategies features a collection of articles on urban upgrading and other spatial practices in the field of development written by former students and current faculty members. The volume takes a broad ethnographic view of the urban poor through discussions on urbanism, and though it explores larger ideas like sustainable development, it does so in reference to specific issues and case studies. In this way, the book moves away from the discourse of development to observe concrete development in the only form it can be acted upon–that is, in context. While development remains an elusive thing, its associated practices, rituals and institutions constitute real experiences that positively and negatively affect innumerable communities around the globe.  The book contributes a collection of refreshingly solution-oriented critical debates to a discipline facing theoretical impasse. It is our second publication following Reflections published back in 2011.

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