Reflections on Development & Cooperation

Carmen Mendoza / Mbongeni Ngulube / Raquel Colacios
142 pp.

Last year we published this book, titled Reflections on Development & Cooperation, which discusses and questions very broad contemporary issues of development and its discontents including: Economic, Social and Spatial relationships within the Global North and South. This collection represents multicultural, multi-dimensional and interdisciplinary reflections envisioned as a discussion platform regarding development, cooperation, risk and urban renewal themes, practices and theories. It aims to question and interrogate the status quo of what has long been taken for granted in the field.

The authors, who form part of our faculty, each take a mature and profound look at a common subject and cast a reflective and often unexpected perspective; therefore, its wealth lies in the debates and questions raised rather than in the possible answers offered. It closes by exploring current international trends to reveal the highly volatile state of flux in the field revealing the distinct opportunities for new approaches in future practice. The book was not conceived as a debate for a new, or a future development and cooperation, but this effort has resulted in this end. It presents a provocative and fresh introspection of the inner workings of a field in desperate need of renewal resulting in promising possibilities and future directions of inquiry.

The book can be purchased here.