This program is aimed at university graduates from the following areas: Architecture, Urban Planning, Urban Design, Engineering, Environmental Design, and Geography. The course is taught in English

You can apply online or send the necessary documentation to our Admissions office via snail mail.


Applicants must have either 5 years of university studies or 3 years of university studies plus certification of a minimum of 2 years of significant and outstanding work experience.

Official Master’s candidates must hold an official Spanish university degree, or a degree awarded by a foreign university recognised by the European Higher Education Area, which, in the country in which it was bestowed, can be used to access postgraduate courses.

Those candidates who have gained degrees in systems outside of the European Higher Education Area do not need to have their degrees officially approved in order to apply, pending prior confirmation from the University, of their equivalence to the corresponding Spanish degrees, and of their accreditation in the country in which they were awarded.

Under no circumstances will this access route involve the official approval of the candidate’s degree, nor its recognition or significance in any pursuits or endeavours outside of the Masters program.

Necessary documentation

Students with an official European Union university degree:

  • Original attested photocopy of your university degree or a document certifying that your degree has been recognized, or an original attested photocopy of the receipt for payment of the fee to have the degree issued.
  • Original attested photocopy of the academic transcript of your university studies.

Students with an official foreign university degree (outside the European Union):

  • Original attested photocopy of your university degree.
  • Original attested photocopy of the academic transcript of your university studies.
  • Certificate issued by the university where you earned your undergraduate degree indicating that the degree authorizes you to take postgraduate courses in the country where the degree was issued.

In all cases:

  • Two ID-sized photos.
  • Photocopy of your Spanish identity card (DNI) or passport.
  • Updated curriculum vitae.
  • Portfolio.
  • Motivation letter.
  • Attested photocopy of any other university degrees, including postgraduate degrees.
  • If the original language of the university degree and academic transcript is not Spanish, an original sworn Spanish translation should be submitted of these documents.
  • Certificate indicating your level of English if classes are taught in English


Total price (2022/2023 academic year): € 10.680,00


  • 480€ – Enrolment fee
  • 60 credits x 170€/cr
  • Field trip costs